UX/UI designer, brazilian born, german based, with a subtle canadian touch and a healthy level of perfectionism.

Experience Architect, enabling and aligning great customer & user experience
with viable business KPIs at Salesforce.com, Berlin - Germany.



Minimizing complexity, catalyzing understanding and maximizing business value through user-centered design solutions, visualization trainings & ideation workshops.

“Avoid long imaginative dancing with mere design assumptions, visualise it now!"
Besides a major focus in interface design (UX/UI) for digital solutions, my skills involve also experience in ideation & innovation workshops, development of design related trainings and ultimately design team management. Based on a fast forward approach, I leverage all options the design profession has to offer at the given time, realizing ideas as fast as possible, enabling conclusive discussions over concrete results rather than mere airy assumptions, propelling quick learning and better thinking.

  • Design trainings &
    ideation workshops

    Design related trainings and ideation workshops based on design thinking approach, visualization, wireframing and rapid-prototyping enablement.

  • User experience (UX) &
    user interface (UI) design

    Concepts and interactive prototypes for digital solutions. User experience analysis and optimization. Pixel perfect and brand-conform screen designs with frontend-ready assets.

  • Information design &
    design consulting

    Visualization of complex processes, project mapping, icons and infographics. Design consultation for UX/UI & information design.

Professionally, in a nutshell

Helping clients to ideate and delineate the best potential solutions, delivering fast and keen interactive mockups, brand-conform screen designs and information visualizations, enabling clear and valuable insights with professional reliability.


For a wider overview, with richer details of my portfolio and professional resumé
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